If you haven’t distinguished between South Clearwater Beach and North Clearwater Beach, you should!

While the south side of this popular tourist destination is a crowd magnet, the north is arguably the more attractive sector.

North Clearwater Beach starts at Pier 60 and stretches up toward Caladesi Island.

What begins as a hub for entertainment, shopping, and mouth-watering dining options morphs into a pet-friendly beach and serene stretches of sand with few humans in sight.

Bump your vacation up a notch by exploring North Clearwater Beach.

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tourists hanging out by the beach in North Clearwater Beach

Things To Do In North Clearwater Beach

Shop at the Pelican Walk, munch on a grouper sandwich and unwind at a bar in North Clearwater.

Next, venture further afield to discover the Mangrove Shell Tree and sparkling waters populated by dolphin pods.

Go To The Beach

The beach south of Pier 60 is sometimes so crowded that the sand turns into an obstacle course made of umbrellas, sand castles, and sun-bathers.

That’s fine if you’re in a “the more, the merrier” frame of mind. But if you’re craving less packed spaces, head north of the pier.

North Clearwater’s beaches are usually less congested so there’s room to spread out, relax, or chuck a frisbee around.

Take Your Dogs To The Beach

If you have a dog or enjoy interacting with them, the pet-friendly area above Somerset Street is calling your name.

You can have a blast playing and making memories with your pup.

If you don’t have a dog of your own, watch other people’s salt-soaked canines and let their joy infect you.

Spot Wildlife

While you’re romping in the waves or shelling along the beach, keep your eyes on the water. You’re likely to see fish, dolphins, and pelicans.

Walk To Mangrove Shell Tree

Abandon the tourist hordes and stretch your legs on a beautiful ocean-side walk to the Mangrove Shell Tree. 

This relaxing excursion is best at low tide (unless you don’t mind wading), 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset.

Pack water, a snack, string, and a Sharpie, and wear comfortable flip-flops or walking shoes.

Park before the roundabout along Mandalay Avenue and reserve two hours or more at the parking meter.

Once at the beach, head right and follow the shore for 2.5 miles. Along the way, collect a shell with a hole in it.

You’ll know you’ve found the place when you come across mangrove trees adorned with seashells. Write on your shell, hang it up, and enjoy the views.

Take A Trip To Caladesi Island

If you want to explore further north, take a trip to Caladesi Island.

This beautiful state park is an incredible place to explore.

Start early in the morning so you won’t be walking under the beating sun and can enjoy a full day at Caladesi.

Take lots of water, food, a bathing suit, sunscreen, and money for the entrance fee.  You do need to take a boat or ferry to get here. 

Dine At Various Restaurants

There are scores of excellent restaurants in North Clearwater Beach.

Frenchy’s Original Café, the Palm Pavilion Grill & Bar, Clear Sky Beachside Café, and Angelo’s Pizza are excellent choices.

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Shop At The Pelican Walk

Sling your shopping bag over your shoulder and peruse the possibilities at Pelican Walk.

This shopping plaza has various gift shops and eateries, an ice cream shop, a pizza place, a Hulk Hogan store, Frenchy’s Off the Hook Gift Shop, and more.

Unwind At A Bar

Although North Clearwater Beach isn’t a nightlife hotspot, there are a few bars with a laid-back vibe.

Check out trivia night at the Reefers Social Club, the nautical-themed Shipwreck Bar complete with a DJ, or enjoy live music at the Palm Pavilion Bar and Grill. 

Book a Vacation Rental

Although party animals might enjoy quick access to bars, you may crave quiet. If so, consider booking a vacation rental in North Clearwater Beach.

Chill on the balcony, listen to the hush of the waves, and stargaze over the ocean.



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